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You seem to be adding a lot of Thunderbird articles to the Thunderbird category. Please don't do that. That category is a catchall for articles that don't fall into another Thunderbird category (other than issues). You mean well, but are making the Thunderbird category less useful. I'm going to rollback your changes.

For example, Importing from Eudora - Thunderbird used to be in just Migration (mail) and Issues (Thunderbird) before you added it to Thunderbird.

Please propose any changes that impact lots of articles in beforehand so that people can discuss them first. Please send me a private message via if you have any questions or objections.

Or create a topic in to propose the changes you want to make and explain why they're a good idea. One issue with adding all Thunderbird articles to the Thunderbird category is that implies the same type of thing should be done with other applications. I think people are open to doing things differently, its one person unilaterally changing things that causes problems. Tanstaafl 21:36, 5 August 2009 (UTC)