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Help test optimization of firefox optimized builds even more:)

I'm into: artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms

I also like zope and ruby on rails very much. You should try it.

If you are using athlon-xp, I compiled an optimized xvid codec for you.

A very interesting project for Running programs on your GPU.

allies swift zopepage is my homepage offcourse, Me and my pu83r7y r351|)3 there.

Otherwise they r351|)3 at irc://moznet/balla

My favorite artists are: Mark Manders, Thierry de Cordier, Sabine van Kollenburg and ofcourse Hendrik van der Schoor

Work: design and fotography

I'm doing a widget rendering framework in perl atm, and I'll post some info when it's completed.

Also in about 2 months that gpu api will finally be done cus i got rid of my warcraft addiction finally lol. I'm just finishing the last couple of shaders. For matrices of arbitrary size on fixed size shader program architectures, a multi pass approach is realised.