Top 10 support topics

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This page is created in response to Asa asking us to come up with the top 10 support topics in preparation for the upcoming Firefox 2 release.

  • I have no idea about frequencies generally but I think the "lost bookmarks" issue must be pretty high up on the list, if not the most frequent. Memory usage complaints are also common. Firewalls often cause problems when new versions are installed. And as incredible as it sounds, people often set images to only display from the originating page and then ask why Firefox doesn't display all images... Another problem seems to be uninstalling. How to import bookmarks is a popular one. Also unblocked pop-ups are often asked. And then there's the classic why do webpages display incorrectly?
  • The main problem with uninstalling is that people want to uninstall and (hopefully) reinstall at the first sign of trouble.