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Original forum text--Np 16:48, 17 February 2006 (UTC)

If you find that you are getting 'Missing Plugins' alerts for plugins you have, then it is likely you have encountered a piece of embedded media that doesn't work properly with the Netscape plugins in their default configuration, or that uses IE-only code instead of standard code. The following guides are available to help you solve these problems:

<a href="viewtopic.php?t=206215">[b]Embedded Real Player/Real Alternative[/b]</a> by <a href="profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=52775">_Jim_ </a> <a href="viewtopic.php?t=206210">[b]Embedded Quicktime/Quicktime Alternative[/b]</a> by <a href="profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=52775">_Jim_ </a> <a href="viewtopic.php?t=206213">[b]Embedded Windows Media in Firefox[/b]</a> by <a href="profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=20845">Vectorspace</a> <a href="viewtopic.php?t=140828">[b]Embedded Windows Media/ (Firefox 9.x and 1.0PR)[/b]</a> by <a href="profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=20845">Vectorspace</a>

If you have the necessary plugins and get missing plugin alerts, then its likely that there is a media file that none of the plugins is configured to play. The usual solution has always been to follow the <a href="viewtopic.php?t=206210">Quicktime Guide</a> to associate those file types with the Quicktime plugin. A persons preference would usually be to associate them with the WMP plugin, but WMP has no provision for changing the file types associated with its plugin.

Now, there is an alternative. [url=]Greasemonkey[/url] is an extension that lets you to add bits of JavaScript (known as "user scripts") to any webpage to change and customise it's behavior. I've written one called [url=][b]IE Media Mimic 0.8.2[/b][/url]: It looks at all embedded media on all web pages, and the ones that (I think) IE would use WMP to play, are modified to open with the WMP plugin. It is still mostly untested and it does have issues, so I don't recommend it for novice Firefox users or those who are not very familiar with the Greasemonkey extension. Since it is still a work in progress, I would appreciate feedback on how good/badly it works (which you should do here: [url][/url]). It also might be updated frequently, so check the version number every now again to see if there is a newer one available. The current verison is 0.8.2. Remember, it requires the Windows Media Player plugin to work so make sure you have it.