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Some tips for creating your first new secondary profile

So you can run your old version and test with a new version DMcRitchie 13:47, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

Before you start would suggest installing the extension

Open Profile Folder :: Firefox Add-ons

so you can quickly tell what profile you are using, and get to your profile directory immediately. All profiles are under the directory above that. You will want to install on your new version as well, but you will have to override the compatibility test on version 3. (welcome to the real world Updating_add-ons#Completely_disabling_the_compatibility_check).

Hopefully you know how to backup all of your files. On Windows, I use XCOPY run from a command window (comes with Windows) to back up all of my private data.

You want to do a custom install of Firefox so that you can choose the destination install library, Suggest you name it FirefoxThree When the install asks you to choose (creates it) the directory during the install for you initial profile suggest you name it FirefoxThree keeping in mind that profile names are case sensitive so choose it as the way you will be comfortable with. All profiles regardless of where you install Firefox will be in the same directory. Suggest you do not include spaces in the profile name as it can make some things very difficult like specifying the profile name when using the "Launchy" Extension.

Whenever asked do not make the new one your default browser. You have lots of time to do that later when you are ready. In Firefox 3 that is from Tools, Options , Advanced, General in Firefox 2 that was .... Tools, Options, Main

You would open your default browser Version 2 in normal way, until it is no longer to be your default then only open with -no-remote You will need to add -no-remote to Version 3 startups, as long as Version 3 is not your default.

I would suggest installing extensions into version 3 rather than simply transferring them over. You will want to transfer over your bookmarks if not done automatically and your two password files.

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