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This is a poor edit but I'm not sure how to work around the entire broken process. A firefox widget takes you to and if you want more engines, the link takes you to and if you click on 'install' at the top array of links. you get the same basic page and if you click on 'uninstall' you come here at and if you happen to notice the link at the bottom about actually installing, you get taken here That's *four* different websites to get information on *one* process. And the information here is wrong and, even if it were right, it discusses a fundamentally broken process.

There is no need to execute javascript to install a simple text file and image file to the application directory. There should be a simple download to install those two files to the profile directory.

And people should *never* be advised to run browsers as root or to make system changes when only user changes are necessary. So, again, to prevent anyone reading that page that this discusses and thinking they need to be root to install a search plugin, I felt *some* kind of edit was in order.

should this be a page on it's own? I think someone should put this with Search bar topic.