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Text from the forum thread (just in case someone wants to revert it)--Np 20:58, 14 February 2006 (UTC)

In both Internet Explorer and Firefox, you can click a download link and have the browser open the file in a program, instead of just donwloading it to a specified location. In the case of media files however, IE can have a media player stream the file whereas Firefox will still download the file first before opening it (or Firefox will open it in the browser with the associated plugin, if there is one).

Firefox can duplicate IE's behaviour in several ways. One is with the DownloadWith extension. It is an extension that lets you choose another program to download a file. If you specify a media player for a media file type, then the player will stream the file. It can even be configured to do it automatically. The extension can be obtained from here: Install the enhanced version - the original version is not compatable with the current version of Firefox. Visit its homepage for information on configuring it.

The Launchy extension will also allow this. When you right-click on a link, Launchy will provide you with a list of external programs that you can use to open the link. Right-click on a link to a media file, and you can open it directly with a media player without downloading it first. The extension can be obtained from here: If you want to use an external application that Launchy does not list, see its homepage for instructions on how to add it.

A third method is to follow the Quicktime Guide to associate the desired file types with the Quicktime Plugin. When you click on a link to such a file, Firefox can use the Quicktime Plugin to stream it within a browser window instead of prompting you to download it. Once it has fully downloaded (once the slider is fully grey) you can just click File > Save Page As to save the file.

I think it should be made clear on this page that if the user is finding that he cannot play a common media file in the browser, the problem is likely due to the fact that the Windows Media Player plugin for Firefox will not play as many file types as the Internet Explorer ActiveX version, as described in Video or audio doesn't play and Background music doesn't play. --Mozcerize 14:04, 31 May 2006 (UTC)