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Linux users

I removed the following, since I don't believe such detailed instructions belong in this article, especially since, starting with Firefox 1.5, new search plugins are installed in the profile. Alice Wyman 11:19, 19 January 2006 (UTC)


To run firefox as root, fire up the console and type su (followed by the root password). Then type firefox.

The preferred method of changing the subdirectory permissions is to change group ownership and add write privleges for that group. For security purposes, making the directory world writable is not recommended. To change the subdirectory, you'll need to create a firefox group and add yourself to the group. First, create the group:

Edit the /etc/group file. (You must have root privileges to edit the file.) Add the following line to the bottom of the file:


Replace username with your login name. If you have multiple users on the machine and want them to be able to add search engines, list their login names after yours, seperated by commas.

Replace "###" with an actual group number. It must be unique in the file. Usually, you can simply get the number of the last group in the file and increase it by one.

After saving the file, issue the following commands as root. (These assume that firefox is installed in /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox. If your installation is located elsewhere, you'll need to change the path to reflect your installation.)

chgrp firefox /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/searchplugins

chmod g+w /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/searchplugins

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