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To run Thunderbird automaticly when windows recognizes the memorystick, or when double clicking on the 'removable media' link in 'my explorer', follow these steps:

1. Make a new file called autorun.inf in the root dir of the stick

2. add the following lines to the autorun.inf file [autorun] open=PortableThunderbird.exe icon=PortableThunderbird.exe label=Thunderbird E-mail

3. Copy these files to the root dir of the stick PortableThunderbird.exe PortableThunderbird.ini msvcr71.dll

Tada ! You're finished.

Remark: I could be that windows is not recognizing the autorun.inf file. If that's the case please check the next link "How to test autorun.inf". This is at your own risk !!! I've changed the value to 91 00 00 00 and it works for me.

Warning added 2005-09-06 : i am not sure it works for all versions of windows, autoplay works for media files but autorun (with any program) is not activated on removable drives in windows XP