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1. Is there a way to do this with one instance running locally and the other running on a remote display?

kulrak@bifrost:~> env |grep DISPLAY DISPLAY=:0.0 kulrak@bifrost:~> firefox -remote 'openURL(, new-window)' --display

This opens it on the local display, ignoring the command line switch.

kulrak@bifrost:~> export DISPLAY= kulrak@bifrost:~> firefox -remote 'openURL(, new-window)' Error: No running window found kulrak@bifrost:~> firefox -a firefox -remote "OpenURL('',new-window)" Error: No running window found

Is there any way around this?

2. This seems overly complicated. Just run firefox -no-remote -ProfileManager to start a second instance and specify a different profile? - Skierpage 01:00, 12 November 2010 (UTC)