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In order to get all the Thunderbird articles ready for categorizing, I'm listing up all the articles here and trying to put them into the appropriate categories (as it was done here with the Firefox articles). As far as I know, the list below shows all TB articles, except those created within the past month or so. --wintogreen 07:09, 17 October 2005 (PDT)


  • An asterisk in parentheses "(*)" after an article listed below means it is appears in both the Main category and in the Issues category. Some of these may be duplicates of articles already listed but with different surrounding text; some of these should get their own redirects to make them look like Issues. E.g., Compacting folders how has its own redirect called Folder contains few messages but is huge on disk to go in the Issues category, since "Compacting folders" by itself doesn't express the issue that people are experiencing. See other suggested redirects below.
  • I'm using strikethrough to indicate articles that have already been placed in the proper categories. An article without a strikethrough might need to be categorized, have its category changed, or have a category added (esp. for Issues, which will all be cross-listed in other categories).

Main: all articles

All Thunderbird articles from the old FAQs, Tips, and Issues are combined here.

Mail (Thunderbird)

E-mail account setup (Thunderbird)

Sending and receiving mail (Thunderbird)

Composing messages (Thunderbird)

Organizing and finding messages (Thunderbird)

Displaying and printing messages (Thunderbird)

Address Book (Thunderbird)

Uncategorized Mail (Thunderbird) articles


Migration (mail)

Newsgroups (Thunderbird)

RSS (Thunderbird)

Privacy and security

Visual customizations (Thunderbird)

Some of these can also go into the "Display and printing messages" subcategory in "Mail".

Extensions (Thunderbird)

Keyboard and mouse (Thunderbird)

Issues (Thunderbird)

Articles from the Thunderbird : Issues page.

Mail transfer issues (Thunderbird)

Message display issues (Thunderbird)

Migration issues (Thunderbird)

Note: since there are only two articles, these can go into the general "Issues" category.

  • Thunderbird shows empty folders after migrating my profile. (*)
  • Mail imported from Eudora is littered with html tags in the message body. (*)

Uncategorized Issues articles

Uncategorized articles

Articles categorized above but to be (?) placed here also

That is to say, there are some articles that should perhaps be placed in the Main TB category but not solely in a subcategory, to make it easier for users to find them.

To leave out or ignore

These are links listed on FAQs/Tips/Issues pages that were never proper articles in the first place. If anyone thinks they're important, they can be written up into proper articles and categorized as needed.

  • I formerly used the Forumzilla extension but now Thunderbird's built-in RSS reader doesn't work for me. What should I do? (probably not an issue anymore, though it was when TB's RSS support first came out)
  • Disable the warning dialog when you try to send a message without a subject (now that this extension is available at Mozilla Update, I don't think it needs its own link or article here)
  • Change the menu highlight color (by inserting code into your userChrome.css file). (just a random theme tweak, not TB-specific, and probably not all that popular)