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Proposed categorization of articles. Some Firefox-related pages are probably missing from this list—please add them! See the corresponding page for Thunderbird here.

Finalized categories

Installation and upgrade (Firefox)

Please hold on creating this category - see my comment. --asqueella 09:15, 19 September 2005 (PDT)

Startup and performance (Firefox)

Please hold on creating this category - see my comment. --asqueella 09:15, 19 September 2005 (PDT)

Privacy and security (shared with all browser apps)

Migration (browser) (shared with all browser apps)

Issues (Firefox)

We decided to make Category:Page display a subcategory of Category:Issues (Firefox), and put all other articles in Issues (Firefox) directly.

Is "Issues" really a good categorization? People looking for info aren't looking at things in the form of Tips/Issues/Configurations, they're probably looking for things based on feature, like Pop up blocking or Extensions. I propose we get rid of the Issues category and move all its articles into feature-based categories under Firefox (or directly under Firefox if it's not related to a feature or there aren't enough issues for that particular feature).--Np 15:10, 21 November 2005 (PST)
The Issues category has both proponents and detractors; there has been a long and thorough discussion about the categorizations, going back almost a year. (See Rules/Categories, its Discussion page, and the linked archived talk.) It was decided that editors should be expressly encouraged---even mandated---to place any article which is an Issue into both the Issues category /and/ a semantic category such as Extensions, Installation and update, Configuration etc. This instruction is even in the Rules. I don't think there's a problem with the Issues category provided that its articles are also categorized more semantically. --Mozcerize 09:18, 22 November 2005 (PST)

Page display (shared with all browser apps)

Could also inlude articles about image loading/blocking, etc. (Perhaps the article under "Web annoyances" could come here?)

Keyboard and mouse (Firefox)

Searches (Firefox)

Extensions (Firefox)

Visual customizations (Firefox)

Themes and chrome-related tweaks related to how the browser looks (as opposed to what it does).

Bookmarks (shared with all browser apps)

Live Bookmarks could also go here (if any such articles get written).

Plugins (shared with all browser apps)

Profiles (shared with all Moz apps)

Configuration (shared with all Moz apps)

Stuff for more technically inclined users.

Other category suggestions

Web annoyances

Could include articles on animated images, popup blocking, flash blocking, etc. (Maybe this category could merge into "Page display"? Though I quite like "Web annoyances myself.)

Tabbed browsing

Uncategorized articles

External links to be wrapped and categorized

Obsolete articles

Created Category:Obsolete for these.