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"Serializing DOM trees to files" section doesn't make any sense at all when it's talking about xmlhttprequest. If you wanted to write about saving remote files' contents, it would better be on xmlhttprequest's page.

What's the idea behind "Serializing XMLHttpRequest objects to files" paragraph? I ask because this example is incorrect:

serializer.serializeToStream(xmlHttpRequest.responseText, foStream, "IS0-8859-1");

it either should serialize xmlHttpRequest.responseXML or just write responseText to the stream. If one just wants to write the result of GET request to a file, it makes no sense to serialize parsed responseXML. asqueella

I'm not sure I follow everything you're saying. I think you're saying one can simply write req.responseText to a file; there's no need to use XMLSerializer. If that's what you're saying, then I agree. grimholtz
That's part of what I was saying. But after we change the code to simply write responseText, what will it have to do with parsing or serializing XML? I think it's unrelated and should be on XMLHttpRequest page. asqueella
OK grimholtz