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Uninstalling Palmsync and restoring sync to Palm Desktop

I want to go back to syncing my Palm addresses with Palm desktop, but cannot seem to do it. When I installed the Palmsync extension, the Palm addressbook conduit disappeared from Hotsync manager, leaving Mozilla sync in its place. Upon uninstalling Palmsync, I can't get the Palm desktop conduit back, even by uninstalling and reinstalling Palm desktop. Is there a registry setting that I need to edit? Also, I'd be happy to experiment with the TB synchronization if I could also sync with Palm Desktop addresses alternatively, as some in the forums have reported. In my case, however, the Palm conduit vanished as soon as the Mozilla one was installed, and this rules out such an alternating strategy. Any hints on (1) how to get the Palm addressbook conduit back and (2) how it can coexist with the Mozilla conduit if I reinstall that? Thank you.

-- Hello, I has the same problem. To resolve it, my solution was to execute the file HotSyncWizard.exe from the PalmOne directory. After a new synchronisation it was OK.

see the Article

== The palmsync.xpi installation page does warn that you can't go back once you have installed it. I found that the only way to go back was to delete the extension and then delete and re-install (not just repair) the hotsync manager.

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Other synchs sacrificed by PalmSynch?

I want to synch my Palm contacts with TB address book, and vice versa.

If I replace the Palm desktop with Palmsynch, it seems that I will sacrifice other syncs to calendar, media, documents and such. Does anyone know what is synched with Palmsynch, and what is not?

No, yes and yes. see the Article

Thunderbird- Palm Sync

So I'm not the only that has thrown in the towel on Outlook. I love Thunderbird, however I can't get the Palm sync to work. I've done all three steps; the Palm sync download, the contacts side bar download and copying the "CondMgr.dll" and "HSAPI.dll" files to my Palm folder. They all seemed to install but nothing is syncing.

Any ideas?

Thanks Sylvia

Hey I got it to work!!! I had to install Palm Versa Mail- that synced with my mail and addresses. I had a version of Mozilla browser on my computer for testing so I had to uninstall it, and remove a testing copy of Eudora. But then it worked. Unfortunately it only works one way, Thunderbird to Palm any changes I have made to my e-mails or addresses on my Palm are not updated in Thunderbird. I'll keep digging. Sylvia

More testing- I just noticed that I am able to send an e-mail from my Palm that works. I wonder if it isn't a setting the Thunderbird software that is blocking the updates from the Palm?

update- I have found an easy way to update my addresses. I enter them into the Palm Desktop and then just e-mail the vcard to myself. I open the e-mail in Thunderbird double click to open the Vcard and voila it's automatically inserted into my address book. You just have to remember that any edit you make must be done in the Palm address book and then go through the same process.

Eventually got sync working by using Contacts Sidebar

Much as the experience described above, I could not get sync working after multiple attempts. I just wanted to add that I took a couple of steps that may have independently or in combination got it working: in HotSync Manager (taskbar): Custom | Mozilla Address Book | Change, I set the option to "Handheld Overwrites Desktop". I have several palm user accounts and I adjusted two out of three (left my wife's account alone [a wise move!]).

Around the same time I downloaded/installed Contacts Sidebar (0.5) - that alone may have done the trick.

Hope this helps.

Still no joy

I have been following this thread and still no luck with my Treo. The versamail sounded promising but that only works with Tungsten devices. I have removed and reinstalled the Contacts Sidebar with no progress. Now, I notice that my Palm HotSync manager will not allow me to change the Mozilla function, Handheld Overwites Desktop cannot be changed.

I know that it seems trivial, but getting the sync to work is very important, especially when I see how difficult it is to change back to the Palm Desktop.

This will be great if: 1) We get the palmsync bug resolved AND Sunbird becomes syncable 2) The PalmDesktop ever breaks down and includes an email client.

Many thanks to all who make suggestions here.

Nearly got it working...

I've been struggling with getting this to work on my Tungsten T3 and have half got it working. Here is my how-to. 1. Install palmsync.xpi 2. Install the contacts sidebar 3. In the 'custom' option on the hotsync icon in the system tray, set contacts to 'do nothing' and Mozilla address book to 'synchronize files' (make sure you then set these as default so they stay that way). It seems to work then but only one way, i.e. changes made in thunderbird are reflected in my palm but not the other way around. Altering the options for Mozilla address book doesn't seem to help this at all. Does anyone know what I could do to make this a truly 2-way sync?

Removing PalmSync

See the Article

Future plans for two-way sync and maintain Palm desktop sync

This looks promising, but I don't want to give up syncing with the Palm desktop. And, sync would be better if it were 2-way with the Thunderbird address book.

Any plans to includes this features in future version? Thanks, Wayne


Newer versions of Hotsync Manager and PalmSync allow switching between the two. See the Article

Wish list for PalmSync

I tried PalmSync a while back and while it did sync my address book to my Sony Clie, I had problems with duplicates whenever I edited something and I really didn't want to give up the ability to sync to Palm Desktop (I have another PDA that syncs to Palm Desktop and can't sync directly to my Clie; if I had kept MS Outlook, I could have kept both my PDAs synched with each other). It is now November 2005 and I don't see any dates on any of the posts in here, so I have no way of knowing if any of it is current. Is this extension still being worked on or maintained at all? I am interested in the following capabilities:

  1. Sync emails to Clie Mail

> see the Article

  1. Sync Thunderbird address book to Clie address book as well as to Palm Desktop address book

> this is available with newer versions of palm desktop

  1. Full synchronization--when I update an address in Thunderbird, it should update that address in my Clie, not make a duplicate entry; same for updating an address in the Clie then synching to Thunderbird

> see the bug list and please comment in the appropriate bugs

I suspect, based on my experience with synching to Outlook, that it might not be possible to sync to both Thunderbird and Palm Desktop for the address book. If that's the case, is there any way to set it up so that the conduit can be switched on demand?

Finally, if this extension is no longer being maintained, is there any other extension out there that would do what I want?

Thanks, Kira

Hmmm no luck with TB 2.0 beta

PalmSync is known to not working with Thunderbird 2.0 beta 1. A bug has been opened in bugzilla. Wsm 18:30, 20 May 2008 (UTC)