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Does this occur with Thunderbird too? and appear to only talk about problems with cookies and bookmark files, not prefs.js. appears to mention a prefs.js.moztmp file for Thunderbird. Translation is: "mails disappeared - prefs.js.moztmp damages"

"ask for assistance, since all my mails disappeared and mozilla thunderbird in each case "no feedback" indicates. at the same time the following message emerged: XPCOM:EVENT RECEIVER Firefox.exe file damaged and among them the sentence that....prefs.js.moztmp is damaged and I am to implement CHKDSK that have I made, but nothing is differently. other perhaps important information: Operating system: Windows XP since May 2005 (there have I s installed) functioned to Thunderbird super, but I do not continue to know now. Have only 1 profile."

Should the Firefox and SeaMonkey profile articles either make some brief mention of .moztmp files or have a see also link to this article? Tanstaafl 15:27, 5 December 2007 (UTC)

I don't know for sure if this problem occurs with Thunderbird but I don't see why not. comment: I notice also that prefs.js, when read-only, behaves similarly, except Mozilla creates only one prefs-{n}.js when it exits.. A google search on "prefs.js.moztmp" comes up with a number of hits, e.g, this one referring to Firefox 2, at (11-04-2006, quote) If prefs.js is made read-only and you change settings in about:config the prefs.js will change back from read-only (to not read-only) and is "replaced" (it's still there) with the file "prefs.js.moztmp", which is read-only....Then for each time you change a setting in about:config you get a numbered prefs.js file prefs-1.js prefs-2.js Etc. So you should delete "prefs.js.moztmp" and all the numbered prefs.js files. Alice 21:07, 5 December 2007 (UTC)
The bookmarks.html.moztmp file is already mentioned in the Firefox and SeaMonkey profile articles. I suppose other "cookies.txt.moztmp", prefs.js.moztmp", etc articles could be created. I didn't add the article to the Thunderbird issues category because I didn't know how often these issues come up. I placed this article in Category:Profiles so I figured that would cover it. Alice 21:07, 5 December 2007 (UTC)