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Migrating from to Thunderbird with 3 accounts defined.

It went very easy it appeared and when I start looking it was OK until I clicked on account 2:

- all mails had disappeared and replace by a copy of Accoun1's mail ....

Same with Account3 ...

Anyone can tell me how to make it work? (I uninstalled Thunderbird and went bach to old Mozilla).

Please ask questions like this in the support forums. Wintogreen 00:53, 21 Oct 2004 (PDT)

migration when first called: option to choose new profile location

Offered migration when first called is a fine thing.

But: Please let the user choose the new profile location. Problem here was: Default location had too less space. Anyway, user should be free to define the location.

As it belongs to manual migration: all odd stuff in Mozilla's profile is kept whereas Thunderbird's migration takes only the significant files.

Speaking from version 0.9 (20041103) / windows 2000


Migrate automatically when launching Thunderbird for the first time: When I install and launch Thunderbird for the very first time, the Import Wizard will not continuing to import from Outlook.

I have to problem that the installation does not continue at the importing function from outlook. The scroll bar stays unchanged. The scroll bar does at a certain point not continue. Do Oultook to be activ or not for this purpose.

So do I have outlook running, while installing thunderbird ??

hermann moseler

I installed Thunderbird 1.0, wizard did NOT offer to migrate Mozilla 1.7x accounts. Mozilla email has 5 accounts, several hundred folders, 6 address books, all necessary. Is there a way to migrate all my accounts w/settings and email, address books, etc. Tried uninstall and reinstall thunderbird several times. No option offered to Migrate.

Note: Import of address book does not offer import from Netscape or Mozilla?