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I've moved all the information that was here to other pages. It makes more sense to have the info in articles dealing specifically with the relevant topics, instead of having it scattered irregularly between this page and other articles. This will also make things easier when we move to categories in the kb. From now on, please refrain from adding more random Mac-specific info to this article. Instead, just insert it into an existing article (pointing out that it applies to Mac OS X), or create a new article if none exists for that particular topic (which is what I did with the Default news reader article). Thanks. --Wintogreen 04:06, 4 Apr 2005 (PDT)

I think that this article should just link to a category of Mac-only articles (should there be different "Mac" categories for different apps?)
Having yet another listing page doesn't make much sense to me. (Note: Export to should be added to one of existing listing pages, but I don't know where exactly.) --asqueella
As far as I know there aren't any Mac-only TB articles apart from Export to, which I just created, and it's a Mac-specific article because it is about a Mac-specific application ( I don't see much point in making a Mac-only category, and really, I don't think this article itself serves much use. (Whoops, I thought I'd added that link already. It's now done.) --wintogreen
Hmm, I just found an article (Export mail into Outlook (Express) or Apple Mail) that somehow got orphaned, so maybe that "Export to" article wasn't needed after all. --w.
okay, the point I was making is that this article isn't really useful, and we shouldn't link it


wintogreen, why did you move the article? I thought we agreed it's not useful. I would delete it instead. Or just remove links to it --asqueella

I had second thoughts after discovering that you can't search this wiki for "mac os x", even if you use quote marks. For now, it won't hurt to leave this article (which has 2800+ hits, so someone's looking at it) as long as it's just a list of links and doesn't otherwise contain content. --wintogreen