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This is a serious bug, in my opinion. I'm running version 1.0 (20041206) under Win2k. I've tried deleting Junk* in in the Profiles/default.iks/Mail/account directory, deleting all the messages in the Junk folder from within Thunderbird, compacting the folder, but the behavior persists; that is, junk mail is not automatically moved to the junk folder. Running the junk filter manually works, though. -- Greg

As an addition, the only way I can get Junk Mail filtered automatically is to not have that folder selected when the mail arrives. After all the mail is in, clicking on the folder runs the Junk Mail controls correctly. If mail is delivered to a folder I'm viewing, I always have to manually run the Junk Mail controls. Also, the auto-filter doesn't seem to work past a certain number of emails (2-300). In that case, I have to manually run the JM filters as well. --Peter

Still a problem (20050510)

Still a problem on TB 1.5 RC 1

Still a problem on TB -- will they ever fix it?

Nothing is now being marked as Junk with incoming and, not surprisingly perhaps, nothing is being moved. Running manually the filter doesn't work either so has the Junk filtering itself gone AWOL?