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Other methods of disabling plugins

Why was the section "Other methods of disabling plugins" removed? It neatly summarized the steps needed to disable the plugins, and it looks essential to me. It may appear that the link ("see this article") refers the user to the information, but I doubt it. My eyes glaze over when I see the other article, and I doubt that it even contains the same information. It doesn't even look very useful to me. The best that can be said for removing the section is that it fragments this article and forces the user to chase yet one more loose end in hyperspace. This article and the subject of plugins are already complicated enough. --AnotherGuest 9 Apr 07

It wasn't removed, just moved to the end of the article: Issues_related_to_plugins#Other_methods_of_disabling_plugins Alice 17:49, 9 April 2007 (UTC)
Yes, I see it now. But what the heck is it doing there? Just look at the Contents. The article has been shuffled. Makes no sense.
Disabling plugins found in folder
Disabling plugins found by scanning
Problematic plugins
...Other methods of disabling plugins
And what about Java as a problematic plugin? You removed that. If there are problems, it should be listed. Even if we're not entirely sure, it should be listed with a caveat.
I started the article to show how plugins can be disabled by removing or renaming individual plugin files from the plugins folder, particularly ones that are known to be "problematic", such as npmozax.dll or npvlc.dll. I expanded the article to include disabling the plugin scan and other methods of disabling plugins such as in Adobe Reader preferences or in Firefox/Moz options and preferences, in the case of Java. I think that the section title "Problematic plugins" may be the problem, but it's just a label for a set of plugins that may be causing issues. Two plugins mentioned in other articles were not in the plugins folder (Yahoo application state and, sometimes, Flash, if it's installed via the XPI method, so I created a subset for files located outside of the plugins folder. I recently shuffled the sections so that "Other methods" was directly underneath and a subset the "Problematic plugins" section, since you initially missed that I already mentioned Java in the "Other methods: section and added it again under "Problematic plugins". Alice 18:59, 9 April 2007 (UTC)
OK, I guess it can be rearranged better. I'll give it another shot. Alice 19:07, 9 April 2007 (UTC)
Problematic plugins and directions on how to remove them are mixed together. The section on problematic plugins should describe the plugins and their symptoms. That includes Java and Flash. Maybe QuickTime too. The section on removal should have three sections for: (1) those in plugins folder, (2) those that are scanned and (3) those with other tricky methods. (E.g., Java, just uncheck the box.)
1. Other methods of disabling plugins should not be a subheading of problematic plugins.
2. Problems caused by Java should not be described in the section "Other methods of disabling...".
3. ALL the problematic plugins should be listed in the section on problematic plugins. Doesn't matter where they are found. If they are problematic, they belong in that section.
4. "Plugin files known to cause problems" is a superfluous subheading, and should be eliminated. I don't know how to do that without breaking links, but it should be eliminated. Making a separate heading for plugin files and plugins is also pointless. The first three sentences of that section discuss how to disable plugins, and are therefore superfluous or misplaced.
5. "Plugins folder:" should be changed to "Files in plugins folder:".
I think the table of contents should go like this:
   * 1 Background
   * 2 Identifying installed plugins
   * 3 Problematic plugins
   * 4 Disabling plugins
      o 4.1 Disabling plugins found in the plugins folder
         -- Firefox
         -- Mozilla Suite or SeaMonkey
      o 4.2 Disabling the automatic plugin scan
      o 4.3 Other methods of disabling plugins
   * 5 See also
--AnotherGuest. 9 Apr 07
Go ahead, take a shot and I'll do the cleanup ;-) Alice 22:49, 9 April 2007 (UTC)