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Please don't merge this article with Profile_folder_-_Thunderbird or Profile_folder .

The original Profile folder article has been split into several different articles, each written for just one application, in an attempt to improve the articles quality by reducing its density and making it easier to navigate. Talk:Profile_folder has a long discussion about where and how the files/folder information should be stored. There is no consensus yet. There is no equivalent of this article for Firefox or SeaMonkey.

I created this article because I wanted to avoid distracting new users with information they probably didn't need yet, but didn't want to lose that information or to create (and maintain) several dozen reference articles. I expect the number of files to keep increasing, especially if we ever decide to add information for the Lightning, Penelope (Eudora), WebMail and Enigmail extensions, and perhaps even Portable Thunderbird (which also has a U3 specific version). I don't see maintaining two sets of File tables as being a problem since I don't expect the table in the other article to change much. Tanstaafl 22:20, 26 May 2007 (UTC)