Talk:Download only certain POP messages

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Using the option "Fetch headers only" is a nice feature for those that receive a big ammount of mails and need to make a selection prior to downloading the message bodies itself. Regarding this issue, there's a very interesting (but not commented) sub-option of "Leave messages on server", wich is "Until I delete or move them from Inbox". Used together with the option "Fetch headers only" can make a POP3 account work closely like an IMAP account (useful for POP3-only servers). But my doubt is: the message is really deleted from the server if I delete it from the local inbox folder? I'm in the inbox folder with 243 headers and deleted a hundred of them. I've not realyzed any network access after this action. So, maybe the messages are not being deleted from the server... Someone have any clue? (Mauricio Kaster, mkaster at