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Is there any particular reason why we can't have those lists as part of the knowledge base? It would help keep them up to date... For example, I had to search on bugzilla to figure out that you use -profile "path name" to select a profile by its path. But I couldn't find a good place to add this info to the knowledge base. I've gone ahead and started a rudimentary table on this page; maybe there should be a seperate page for firefox commandline arguments?

The only reason it's not in the knowledge base is that no-one took time to write it down. You are alsways welcome to add content to the knowledge base. I think all command-line params should be on one page, with different subsections for common, Suite-specific, args for Extension Manager etc. --asqueella

Information from Firefox : Tips : Profile without .slt should be moved here, imo --asqueella 13:49, 7 Apr 2005 (PDT)

I deleted the text that classifed the article as also being in the thunderbird category since there already is a customized version for Thunderbird, and it has a link to this article. This wasn't an issue until the thunderbird knowledge base was switched over to using categories insteads of lists to link to articles. --tanstaafl 2:51 PM, 12 December 2005 EST

Presumably this article is not for Thunderbird, since there is an existing page for that. But what about the Suite? If this page only deals with Fx then, as suggested in the first post above, the content of this article should be moved to a new article called "Command line arguments (Firefox)" and replaced with a disambiguation paragraph. --Mozcerize 17:48, 10 January 2006 (UTC)