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Firefox 3

I added a note to this article that in Firefox 3, bookmarks are stored in the places.sqlite file and this preference does not allow you to change that location [1]. I also added the related bug report, Bug 385077 – ability to set path to places.sqlite by a preference like browser.bookmarks.file did. The preference does seem to have some effect in Firefox 3, in that it copies bookmarks.postplaces.html to the directory where you point the browser.bookmarks.file preference. It just doesn't let you use the file that you point to, whether its a bookmarks.html or places.sqlite file. I tried with that preference set to both D:\Mozilla\Firefox\test\places.sqlite and D:\Mozilla\Firefox\bookmarks.html after copying those files there. In both cases, a bookmarks.postplaces.html file was created in that folder but the bookmarks weren't used. Instead, Firefox 3 continued to use places.sqlite in the profile folder. Alice 12:58, 21 December 2007 (UTC)