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Different path to "services" on my Win XP machine

On my Windows XP machine here, the path to services is

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Administrative Tools > Services

Microsoft are clearly getting *very* good at hiding these tools that allow other browsers to run properly on their operating system ;-)


Is there a way to access that hangup Program? It looks like it may help some people still on dial up? Is it still available? I got a 403 error. Should we remove it? --Mtz1of4 22:40, 17 Jan 2005 (PST)

Cannot connect to internet using cable connection.

I connect to the internet via a LAN to an "always on" cable connection. When I start Firefox it tries to establish a dialup connection which of course is not present. How do I get Firefox to talk to the internet?

Name of the article

wintogreen, any particular reason you decided not to rename this article? --asqueella

Sorry, just doing too many things at once here. It's now renamed. --w.

How to apply 9x Dialup to XP:

I've seen these options also, which adds Net Logon and Network Connections. I don't use Dial up so can't confirm. Anybody?

  1. Go to settings,control panel. Administrative Tools, Services Shortcut.
  2. Scroll down to Net Logon. Right click Properties, Set to Automatic.
  3. Do likewise for Network Connections, Remote Access Auto Connection Manager and Remote Access Connection Manager.
  4. Return to Settings. Select Network Connections. Click Advanced -at the Top- Click Dialup Preferences. -Make sure "Always ask..." and "Disable autodial..." at the bottom are unchecked.

Addendum: This will restore the "dialing" box for Firefox or any other apps, also enable Auto Disconnect for the IE stuff. In other words, just like 9x.

  1. Go to Control Panel,Internet Options
  2. Connections,Settings,
  3. Properties,Options.
  4. Under "Dialing Options," check the first one "Display progress while dialing" and the third one, "Include Windows Logon Domain".

Mtz1of4 06:53, 13 October 2005 (PDT)