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  1. Uninstall search plugins (1991 bytes)

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  1. Java (40049 bytes)
    41: 7 Update 10 or Update 11, [[#Uninstall_JavaFX |uninstall JavaFX]], if installed (see below).
    112: ...e using Internet Explorer, after first completely uninstalling Java from his system. Opening Internet Explor...
    116: =====Uninstall JavaFX=====
    117: ...p/firefox_java.xml help page] recommends uninstalling all Java versions, including JavaFX, and then ...
    122: ...lve the issue (or if there is no JavaFX listed to uninstall), your Java 7 installation may be missing this [h...
  2. Flash (47056 bytes)
    51: .... However, you will need to [[#Windows_uninstall|uninstall your current Flash version]] if you are downgradi...
    72: ==Uninstalling Flash==
    73: ...ll other Internet applications before you run the uninstaller.
    75: ===Mac uninstall===
    76: | Mac] at for a link to download the uninstaller and detailed instructions.
  3. Mozilla Suite : Issues : Themes (2488 bytes)
    5: ...elect the theme you want to remove and click the "Uninstall Theme" button.
  4. Uninstalling add-ons (14557 bytes)
    1: ... Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey 1.x users should read [[Uninstalling extensions - SeaMonkey]].''
    3: This article explains how to uninstall extensions and themes you no longer want. If yo...
    7: ==Uninstalling extensions and themes==
    8: The usual method for uninstalling extensions and themes is by using the Add-ons ...
    11: # Click on the extension or theme you want to uninstall.
  5. Mozilla Suite and SeaMonkey FAQs (6349 bytes)
    24: ...using Mozilla as default browser can I now delete/uninstall Internet Explorer]]?
    69: * [[Uninstalling extensions - SeaMonkey| How do I uninstall extensions]]?
    70: * [[Uninstall search plugins | How do I uninstall search plugins (such as ones from Mycroft)]]?
  6. Installing SeaMonkey (2427 bytes)
    5: You can uninstall Mozilla Suite either before or after installing S...
    9: ... profile will still be there after installation. Uninstalling Mozilla will leave your profile and your user ...
    14: ...p:// here].
  7. Default browser (15582 bytes)
    20: ...hunderBrowse button in the status bar (or disable/uninstall that add-on). Thunderbird will use the default br...
    27: ...c.php?t=458537]. To resolve the problem, either uninstall the test version of IE7 (which restores IE6) or u...
    129: ...5255 - {Windows} reset IE to default browser upon uninstall of Firefox]
    131: ...eamonkey isn't the default browser at the time of uninstallation]
  8. Firefox FAQs (6795 bytes)
    4: ...]]? How do I [[Uninstalling Firefox | completely uninstall Firefox]]?
    10: * Can I uninstall [[Internet Explorer]] or can I make it more secur...
    35: * How do I [[Uninstall search plugins | remove search engines]] I don't ...
    43: * How do I [[Uninstalling add-ons | uninstall extensions and themes]]?
  9. Browser will not start up (20291 bytes)
    23: .../plugincheck/more_info.html] Update all plugins, uninstall any plugins you no longer need or disable all plu...
    27: here]...
    60: ...reinstalling Firefox (there's normally no need to uninstall Firefox before reinstalling it): [https://support...
    70: ... problem or, if don't need the program, consider uninstalling it. As a workaround, try disabling the two Sy...
  10. Search Bar (8129 bytes)
    29: You can uninstall search plugins you don't want in Firefox by openi...
  11. PalmSync - Thunderbird (20315 bytes)
    32: ... Thunderbird addons/extensions list and cannot be uninstalled through addons.</small>
    71: * If running Thunderbird 1.5 - Uninstall PalmSync AND Thunderbird. Reinstall both. Don't...
    113: ...nstalled/removed via extension manager. Use the [[Uninstall]] instructions.<br />
    124: ==Uninstall==
    126: With Thunderbird version 2 you simply uninstall or disable using addons/extension manager.
  12. Obsolete dictionaries - Thunderbird (8366 bytes)
    62: == Uninstalling a dictionary ==
    63: ... user interface for uninstalling a dictionary. To uninstall a dictionary, use
  13. Installing Firefox (7602 bytes)
    8: ...prefer a clean install, [[Uninstalling Firefox | Uninstall your current Firefox version]] and delete the [[i...
  14. Getting started with Thunderbird (6671 bytes)
    21: ...tart Thunderbird with add-ons disabled", and then uninstall the add-on. If the add-on works, ignore the warni...
  15. Cannot send mail (11125 bytes)
    52: ...ending. Depending upon the add-on you may need to uninstall it or upgrade it. [
  16. Themes (8569 bytes)
    46: ==Uninstalling themes==
    47: The best way to uninstall a theme is through the application's built-in int...
    50: ...t the theme you want to uninstall, and click the "Uninstall" button.
    53: ...t the theme you want to uninstall, and click the "Uninstall" button.
    56: ..., and click the "OK" button. Note that you cannot uninstall the two pre-installed themes ("Classic" and "Mode...
  17. Unable to install themes or extensions (13392 bytes)
    101: ...027/ All-In-One Sidebar] extension is installed. Uninstall and reinstall the latest version of this extensio...
  18. Windows error opening Internet shortcut or local HTML file - Firefox (6630 bytes)
    11: ...tinues, you can disable or [[Uninstalling add-ons|uninstall individual extensions]] to see if one of them is ...
  19. Toolbar customization (9190 bytes)
    31: ...refox by an extension or other application, see [[Uninstalling toolbars]]. If you have an empty "Bookmarks To...
  20. ActiveX (3626 bytes)
    18: ...mpatible with the new browser version. You should uninstall the ActiveX plugin before upgrading your browser ...
    20: ==Uninstalling the ActiveX plugin on Windows==

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