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  1. Global Inbox (11781 bytes)
    1: ...ure it to use a global inbox, you have to restart Thunderbird for the change to occur. After that its permanent...
    8: ...erver Settings -> Advanced. Try to do that before Thunderbird checks for new mail to avoid complications.
    10: ...e</code> (to clear the box by default). In a new Thunderbird profile this preference does not exist initially,...
    28: :* If you have set up any [[Filters (Thunderbird)|filters]], go to "Tools -> Message Filters" and ...
    30: ===Exit and restart Thunderbird===
  2. Convert a POP account to a IMAP account (2739 bytes)
    3: Thunderbird doesn't support converting a POP account to a IMA...
    10: :* If you have any [[Filters_%28Thunderbird%29 | message filters]] you can reuse them by movi...
    13: ...s used in a deleted account. You may want to exit Thunderbird and delete the subdirectory named after the POP s...
    21: [[Category:Configuration (Thunderbird)]]
  3. Download only certain POP messages (6035 bytes)
    5: ...headers only." You can then create a [[Filters_%28Thunderbird%29 | message filter]] that tests (for example) wh...
    7: ...age body. If you click on that link it will cause Thunderbird to download the message body.
    15: Tools -> Junk Mail Controls has a setting to tell Thunderbird to trust junk mail headers set by either [http://...
    29: ...jon/ KnujOn] or [ SignalSpam] add-ons to report ...
    41: ...or how to get an add-on to work with a version of Thunderbird that it doesn't support.

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