Safety of reading e-mail (Mozilla Suite)

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Reading spam mail

  • Mozilla Suite will not automatically execute machine code in mail, and by default it does not allow mail to run script, so it is usually safe to open spam mail. (However, if you forward a message to another person, be courteous and scan any attachment for virus as what is safe to you may be unsafe for another.)


  • By default, Mozilla Suite loads remote images in messages. You may not want this to happen because by sending a remote server a request to get an image you may confirm that you read the mail. To disable remote images in Mail & Newsgroups, open the "Edit" menu and choose "Preferences". Choose category "Privacy & Security", then choose the sub-category "Images". Check the option "Do not load remote images in Mail & Newsgroup messages".
  • If you do not wish to see any images, remote or stored in mail messages, or if you want to be able to turn on images quickly, open the "View" menu, choose "Message Body As", and then choose "Simple HTML" or "Plain Text". Also, open the "View" menu, and uncheck "Display Attachments Inline". To turn on images for a specific message, choose the "Original HTML" option and check "Display Attachments Inline".


  • By default, Mozilla Suite will not allow mail messages to read or write cookies. To make sure this is indeed true, open the "Edit" menu, then choose "Preferences". In the "Preferences" dialog, choose category "Privacy & Security", choose sub-category "Cookies", and then check if option "Disable cookies in Mail & Newsgroups" is checked.


  • By default, Mozilla Suite does not run script in messages. To make sure this is indeed true, open the "Edit" menu, then choose "Preferences". In the Preferences dialog, choose category "Advanced", then choose sub-category "Script & Plug-ins". In the "Enable JavaScript for" pane, make sure option "Mail & Newsgroups" is not checked.

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