Retrieve mail via right click

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In Thunderbird 1.5 you could right click on an account in the folder pane and choose to just get mail for that mailbox. That feature is gone in 2.0, though you can still use the drop down list box by the get mail button to do that. You can restore that feature by installing the userChrome.js extension, and then adding the following to the userChrome.js file it creates in the chrome directory in your profile.

/*Add menuitem to Folderpane context - Get New Messages */
var insertWhere = document.getElementById("folderPaneContext-markMailFolderAllRead");
var miGetNewMsgs = document.createElement("menuitem");
miGetNewMsgs.setAttribute("label", "Get New Messages");
miGetNewMsgs.setAttribute("oncommand", "goDoCommand('cmd_getNewMessages')");
insertWhere.parentNode.insertBefore(miGetNewMsgs, insertWhere.nextSibling);