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Use this page to request articles for the Knowledge Base. Please don't use this as a substitute for the support forums. Articles suggested here should concern known topics or problems (usually with known solutions) that have not yet been added to the KB. Please include relevant links, such as links to forum threads, and consider giving some explanation of the issue that you are requesting, since people can only create your suggested article if they undertand what it is!

Note: FAQs and Issues articles (like Firefox FAQs and Issues with Firefox) may contain links to MozillaZine forum topics or other external links. Instead of requesting a new KB article, you may want to consider adding a new external link to one of these FAQs and Issues articles. (KB editors may also want to turn some of these external links into new KB articles.)

If you create a new article from one of the requests listed below, please add a note stating that you have done so, rather than deleting the entry. This allows those who have requested the articles to find them easier.


A workaround is included here, but there should be an article to address the problem. (another discussion)
  • How to make Yahoo! Mail work in Firefox
    • Specifics??? There's one solution given here that covers crashes using Yahoo! Mail where Yahoo! Messenger is installed.
  • Firefox constantly updates (anyone have a clue why Mozcerize was placed as a link under this?)
??? --Mozcerize
My "comment" above was intended to indicate that you haven't made clear what your requested article is actually about! Please provide some specifics, links to forum threads, or similar explanatory information. --Mozcerize 10:37, 18 June 2006 (UTC)
Possibly covered by Updates reported when running newest version. Alice 23:31, 7 April 2007 (UTC)
  • Importing settings from another browser to firefox.
We need an article to help users make the switch from IE, Netscape, Opera, Safari, etc. Note: Netscape versions newer than 7 are not recognized by firefox's built-in import tool but should be a simple matter of copy-and-pasting files from the netscape profile folder.

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