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To get around the default popup blocker, some sites use Flash or Java applets to open unrequested windows. This preference controls popups initiated by plugins.

Possible values and their effects


No restrictions on plugin initiated popups.


Limit the number of plugin initiated popups to value defined in dom.popup_maximum. (even with popup blocker disabled)


Block all plugin initiated popups. (whitelisted sites will still be able to open popups) (Default in Firefox 1.5 and above and SeaMonkey)


Block all plugin initiated popups, even those on whitelisted sites.


  • Though rare, some plugin content produces legitimate (requested) popups. You will need to manually add such sites to your popup whitelist if this preference is 2.

First checked in

2004-09-09 by Johnny Stenback

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (all versions since 1.0)
  • Mozilla Suite (all versions since 1.7.5)
  • SeaMonkey (all versions)

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