Prevent websites from disabling new window features

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This article describes how to prevent websites from disabling certain new window features by changing the related Firefox or Mozilla Suite preference setting.

Web pages can disable a number of features in new windows opened via JavaScript. The new window or "popup" may not be resizable and other features such toolbars may be missing, as discussed here. Advanced users can prevent these features from being disabled by editing configuration via the user.js file or in about:config. For example, you can set the dom.disable_window_open_feature.resizable preference to "true" to prevent popup window resizing from being disabled, so that you can resize popup windows that may open too small. Other "dom.disable_window_open_feature.*" preferences are listed below:

(From the About:config entries article, under DOM.)

Name Type Meaning of Values
dom. disable_window_open_feature. * Boolean Web page authors can disable many features of a popup window that they open. Setting these preferences to true will override the author's settings and ensure that that feature is enabled and present in any popup window.
close: Prevents the close button from being disabled.
directories: Prevents the bookmarks toolbar from being hidden.
location: Prevents the address bar from being hidden
menubar: Prevents the menubar from being hidden.
minimizable: Prevents popup window minimization from being disabled.
personalbar: Prevents the bookmarks toolbar from being hidden.
resizable: Prevents popup window resizing from being disabled.
scrollbars: Prevents the scrollbars on a popup from being disabled.
status: Prevents the status bar from being hidden.
titlebar: Prevents the title bar from being hidden.
toolbar: Prevents the navigation toolbar from being hidden.

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