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Since Firefox 1.0, the “Plugin Finder Service” has been available to locate missing plugins for web content. To accomplish this, Firefox sends the MIME type of the embedded content along with some information about the browser to a URL on Mozilla’s web servers. Details for downloading the necessary plugin are returned, and Firefox can then present the user with the option to install it.

The URL used to retrieve plugin information is determined by this preference.

Possible values and their effects

The URL to use for retrieving RDF-based data on plugins for web content. Default value is, where %PLUGIN_MIMETYPE%, %APP_ID%, %APP_VERSION%, %CLIENT_OS%, %CHROME_LOCALE%, and %APP_RELEASE% are replaced with the MIME type of the embedded content, the browser’s application ID, the browser’s build ID, the user’s OS, the current locale used by the browser’s chrome, and the browser’s version, respectively.


First checked in

2004-09-05 by Doron Rosenberg

Has an effect in

  • Firefox (all versions since 1.0)

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