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The Personal Toolbar gives you one-click access to your favorite bookmarks. You can add, delete, and rearrange items in the Personal Toolbar. You can also add folders to the Personal Toolbar, containing groups of bookmarks.

Adding a web page to the Personal Toolbar

To add a web page link to the Personal Toolbar, go to the web page and:

  1. Click "Bookmarks > File Bookmark". The "File Bookmark" window will open.
  2. Find the "Personal Toolbar folder" in the list of bookmark folders and select it,
  3. Click the "OK" button.

OR, Drag the bookmark icon(located to the left of URL in the Location Bar) to a desired place on the Personal Toolbar. You can drag the icon directly to the Personal Toolbar, or to a folder on the Personal Toolbar.

This will place a bookmark for the web page on the Personal Toolbar.

Adding bookmark folders to the Personal Toolbar

You can add bookmark folders to the Personal Toolbar to sort your favorite bookmarks into categories. For example, you can have one folder on the Personal Toolbar for hobby-related bookmarks and another folder for work-related bookmarks.

To add a bookmark folderto the Personal Toolbar:

  1. Open the Bookmarks menu and choose Manage Bookmarks.
  2. Select your designated Personal Toolbar Folder.
  3. Click New Folder on the toolbar.
  4. Type a name for your new bookmark folder. By default, the name is New Folder.
  5. Click OK to confirm your new bookmark folder name.

The new bookmark folder will appear at the end of the Personal Toolbar.

Designating a bookmark folder as your Personal Toolbar Folder

  1. Open the Bookmarks menu and choose Manage Bookmarks.
  2. Select the bookmark folder whose items you want to appear on the Personal Toolbar.
  3. From the View menu, choose "Set as Personal Toolbar Folder".

The buttons in your Personal Toolbar now correspond to the bookmarks in the folder you designated.