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“Offline Mode” normally does not use a proxy for browsing; however, a bug would prevent proxy auto-config files (PAC files) from loading if Mozilla was started in offline mode. To deal with the problem of inaccessible PAC files, this preference and network.proxy.autoconfig_retry_interval_max were created to control how often the PAC file’s URL was re-tried.

If the PAC file loading fails, Mozilla will try to reload it after a period of time set in this preference. If the file is still inaccessible, Mozilla will increase the interval exponentially (doubling it) and retry again until the interval is equal to or greater than the value set in network.proxy.autoconfig_retry_interval_max.

Possible values and their effects

Any non-negative integer, indicating the initial number of seconds between retries of loading the PAC file. (Default: 5)


First checked in

2006-06-12 by Darin Fisher

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (nightly builds since 2006-06-12; 2.0)
  • SeaMonkey (nightly builds since 2006-06-12)

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