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Protocols (ex: http, ftp, mailto) are different methods of sending information over the Internet. Protocols may be handled by Mozilla applications themselves, or they may be passed to external applications, or they may not be handled at all. On Linux and Mac systems, this preference acts as an override to the protocol-specific network.protocol-handler.expose.(protocol) preferences.

Possible values and their effects


All protocols should be handled. (Default)


Protocols should be handled based on their specific network.protocol-handler.expose.(protocol) value.


  • This preference has no effect on Windows. See this article for info.

First checked in

2003-11-20 by Darin Fisher

Has an effect in

  • Netscape (all versions since 8.1)
  • Mozilla Suite (all versions since 1.6)
  • Mozilla Firefox (all versions since 0.8)
  • Sunbird (all versions)

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