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Tabbed Browsing is a way to view multiple web pages in your browser without opening multiple windows that clutter your task bar.

  • To open a new tab: Click the File menu, then move your mouse to New > Navigator Tab (or press "Ctrl+T" on the keyboard).
  • To open a link in a new tab: Right-click (or context-click) on a link in the web page you are viewing. Select Open Link in New Tab.

By making use of both tabs and windows to organize open web pages, power users can keep many pages open at once. Links in the same category as the page your are viewing can be opened as tabs in the same window. Off-topic links or the e-greeting card you just received by email can be opened in a separate window, away from the rest of your work.

Bookmarking groups of tabs

An enhancement to the bookmarks functionality of Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey is the ability to save several tabs together as a bookmark group. Clicking this group later in the bookmarks menu will open each linked web page in a separate tab of the same browser window.

To bookmark a group of tabs, Click the Bookmarks menu, and select "Bookmark this Group of Tabs". Alternately, you can right-click on the tab bar and select the same option.

Managing bookmark groups

In the bookmarks menu, bookmark groups work just like other bookmarks, but show a different icon. When managing your bookmarks, however, bookmark groups expand like folders for easier editing of their contents. You can modify the list of tabs to be opened when clicking a bookmark group by opening the bookmark manager and moving links in or out of the group.

Tabbed browsing preferences

Go to [[Menu differences|Edit -> Preferences". Tabbed Browsing Preferences are located under the Navigator category.

Hide the tab bar when only one tab is open

This preference is set by default, and maintains a clean standard browser interface for people who do not use tabbed browsing.

Load links in the background

Checking this preference will keep your currently viewed page in front when opening new links as tabs. This is useful for following multiple matches in search engines, or when reading an article that contains many links you wish to view later.

When opening a bookmark group

This preference lets you choose whether opening a bookmark group replaces any open tabs or opens the group at the end of the tab bar. If you choose to replace tabs and then open a group by accident, you can still restore the previously open tabs by clicking the Back button.

Open tabs instead of windows for...

This section lets you choose other ways to open links in tabs instead of windows. These options are handy for making tabbed browsing the primary way you visit links instead of opening new windows.

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