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What are the differences between Netscape 7 and Mozilla?:

Netscape 7.2 is based on Mozilla 1.7. Both applications share almost identical features, such as tabbed browsing, custom keywords, and Sidebar. Exceptions are additions of proprietary features such as the support for Netscape WebMail and AOL mail. In general, Netscape 7 and Mozilla will display Web pages and read mail the same.

Do NOT share profiles between Mozilla and Netscape 6 or 7. Mozilla and Netscape 6 or 7 share the same profile registry and directory. However, a profile created by one may be incompatible with another. Mozilla automatically uses your Netscape 6 or 7 profile unless you have multiple profiles, in which case Mozilla prompts you to choose a profile.

To avoid accidentally opening Mozilla with your Netscape profile, create a new, extra profile using your Netscape�s Profile Manager before installing Mozilla.

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