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When you have Logged in to the MozillaZine Knowledge Base you can access your User Preferences from the Preferences link in the Navigation box, usually on the right, but see below.

The page provides links to several sections of your user preferences.


User data

Enter specific user information. Most of the fields are self explanatory (we've all filled out password forms before) or are already displayed at the bottom of the form.

  • Your nickname (for signatures): this function dictates what your signature at the end of a contribution will be, when you click on the signature button. Use Raw signatures to add the signature without a link to your user page, but people will not be able to leave you a message if you do.
  • Remember password across sessions: this function saves your password across any different pages you may work on.


I like being able to contact others when I have questions...


This option gives you a choice of how to view the web site :

  1. MonoBook = Not Quickbar compatible. The default web site view.


This covers the display of images. link title

Date Format

This is how dates are displayed against editing history and talk page entries.

Time Zone

This sets the time difference between you and the Server. It automatically calculates how many hours behind the main server you are. All you do is have to click the button!


Click the button.


The editing preferences let you choose how to edit the pages you are working on. It shows us how to modify the edit box, turns on/off the Text Toolbar, suggests placing the preview of your work ahead of the editing box, gives you an option to track the pages you have worked on, and automatically sets the default to Minor Edit.


You will understand what these mean if you have tried some editing. Use the Sandbox for experimenting.

Recent changes and stub display

This page has four basic functions:

  1. How many titles will be displayed when the Recent Changes button is clicked. (In the Quickbar)
  2. Whether or not to include minor changes on that page.
  3. Whether or not to include enhanced major changes that may not be comptible with all browsers.

Search result settings

Defines search parameters, first limiting the number of results, then searching within sections of the Wiki.

Misc settings

The last page contains basic display options that change the way you see pages.

  • Bold textlink title
  • Justify paragraphs
  • Auto-number headings
  • Show table of contents (for pages with more than 3 headings)
  • Disable page caching