Migrate from Thunderbird to Mozilla Suite

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Since Thunderbird and Mozilla Suite use the same file formats, it is not difficult to move your mail, address books, and other mail-related files from Thunderbird to Mozilla Suite. The procedure below assumes you have not yet been using the Mozilla Suite for mail; if you have, then follow the instructions in Combining two profiles to merge the two profiles.

  1. Back up your entire Mozilla Suite profile folder so that you can restore it later if something goes wrong.
  2. Set up your accounts in Mozilla Suite as you did in Thunderbird.
  3. Shut down Mozilla Suite.
  4. In Thunderbird, move all your mail to a temporary, local folder.
  5. Shut down Thunderbird.
  6. Copy the "Mail" and "News" directories/folders from your Thunderbird profile to the corresponding location in your Mozilla Suite profile.
  7. Start up Mozilla Suite and verify that your mail is in place.

You might want to copy these files also:

  • address books
  • "cookies.txt", "cookperm.txt" and "hostperm.1": cookies settings/whitelist
  • "msgFilterRules.dat": message filters
  • "popstate.dat": keeps track of which messages have been downloaded from the server (for POP3 mail accounts)
  • " training.dat": junk-mail training data

Do not copy the "prefs.js" file.