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Firefox 2.0 will include code to optionally record “browser metrics,” or usage statistics, and send the information back to Mozilla for analysis. The goal is that this information will aid developers in choosing features, designing UI behavior, identifying web sites that can cause problems, and other important points of the user experience.

The metrics data is submitted to the URI designated in metrics.upload.uri. If the URI uses SSL encryption, and the SSL certificate does not match the domain name, a warning dialog would normally be presented; since the metrics data is uploaded in the background, this isn’t an option. This preference lets Firefox automatically accept the SSL certificate if the specified host is the same as the preference’s value.

Possible values and their effects

A string specifying an SSL certificate Common Name. If a certificate mismatch occurs and the certificate’s CN is the same as the value, accept the certificate anyway.

First checked in

2006-04-20 by Brian Ryner

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (1.8 branch builds since 2006-04-20 built with metrics extension; 2.0)

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