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Several Mozilla products have access to spell checking functionality. A recent patch allows this functionality to work in HTML <textarea>s. The spell check function, when active, is accessible via the context menu of the text box.

For spell checking to work, the user must have the appropriate dictionary files installed.

This preference allowed the spell check function to be globally enabled or disabled before it was superseded by layout.spellcheckDefault.

Possible values and their effects


Enable inline spellchecking (if available) in <textarea>s. (Default in Firefox trunk builds)


Disable inline spellchecking.


  • This functionality is not available in any officially released versions of Mozilla Firefox. The browser must be built with --enable-extensions=default,spellcheck in configure.
  • The dictionary used is dependent on the preference spellchecker.dictionary. If that preference is not set, you will be prompted to choose a dictionary each time you access the spell checker.

First checked in

2005-12-05 by Brett Wilson

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (1.9 trunk builds from 2005-12-05 to 2006-02-07)

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