Keyboard shortcuts - Thunderbird

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A list of Thunderbird keyboard shortcuts is available at's Thunderbird Help. Note that this list does not include everything, and you might find other shortcuts by exploring the Thunderbird menus. For example, the shortcut to activate Message Grouping is "G".

There are several extensions available to customize keyboard shortcuts:

  • The Keyconfig extension is probably the most powerful but requires you to add the code samples or create your own. The functions for keyconfig extension is a supplement to the Keyconfig extension that adds several core functions.
  • The Nostagy extension adds keyboard shortcuts for changing the folder and moving/copying messages, with folder name auto-completion.
  • The Mouseless extension adds about two dozen keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to operate without a mouse.
  • The KbdMover extension adds the ability to move mail from the keyboard with keystroke saving features similar to partial-completion-mode in Emacs.
  • The Text Complete extension adds shortcuts for frequently used text snippets which can be shared through a central xml file stored on a web server or a network share.

There is also a Mouse Gestures extension that lets you issue common commands by mouse gestures.

See also

  • International characters has links to several extensions for entering international characters using keyboard shortcuts.