JavaScript is not Java

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JavaScript is a completely separate technology from Java. Java was the "in thing" back in the days when Brendan Eich at Netscape created a programming language that was originally going to be called LiveScript, so unfortunately they decided to rename it from LiveScript to JavaScript in the hope of catching the media’s interest.

A JavaScript script is usually a small series of commands that are often embedded in a webpage to do things like create fly-out menus, invoke pop-up windows, and validate form data. Support for JavaScript is built into all XUL-based applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird and Mozilla Suite. (Note that JavaScript is actually a complete programming language, and it is one of the languages in which Mozilla products are written.)

Java is a programming language used to create stand-alone software applications (including games). Java programs can also be embedded in webpages, in which case they are called ‘applets’. Java applications and applets require additional software (the Java Runtime Environment) to be installed on your system.

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