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This article was written for Thunderbird but also applies to Mozilla Suite / SeaMonkey (though some menu sequences may differ).

This is no official list of supported IMAP servers. However, the following table tries to summarize information from various forum threads and bug reports. The status can either be blank (no information), fails, not recommended (works but has enough problems its a poor choice), works, or popular. Please don't change the status just because you ran into a problem using a particular server. Ask for help in the forums and wait for a consensus to develop.

hMailServer is recommended if you're looking for a easy to configure personal IMAP server under Windows. If you're using Linux, whatever your distribution provides would be the obvious choice.

Name Status Comments
Binc Works
CommuniGate Pro Works
Courier Popular Need to lower Tools -> Account Settings -> Server Settings -> Advanced -> IMAP -> Maximum number of server connections to cache
Cyrus Popular Delete button can be inactive with certain versions of the server if you don't set your ACLs correctly.
Dovecot Popular
hMailServer Works
IBM Lotus Domino Works
InterMail Works Users of experienced wrong quota reported by server, workaround: multiply quota thresholds by 1000.
Kerio Works
Merak Works Little mention of it now that they no longer offer a free version . Version 8.5.x of the server causes a QUOTAROOT parsing bug which displays empty folders. Its apparently fixed in 8.9.x. You might also see empty folders if you upgrade from Thunderbird 1.5 to 2.x due to Thunderbird being stricter about the formatting of the quota response.
MDaemon Works
Mercury/32 Works The author states Thunderbird is its number two email client .
Mirapoint Works Hasn't been mentioned for years in the forums or bugzilla.
Microsoft Exchange Popular There is a bug [1] in Exchange that reports the wrong size for messages and attachments. You can workaround this by setting mail.server.default.fetch_by_chunks to false
Novell GroupWise
Novell Netmail Works Used by MyRealBox
SmarterMail Works There is a bug in Thunderbird 2.0 that can cause it to report a login error if you try to drag and drop more than 8 messages. Version 4.2 of SmarterMail workarounds this bug. Thunderbird 17.0.8 appears to fetch IMAP messages using 64KB chunks. This causes a problem fetching messages [2] that appears to be fixed in SmarterMail 11.3.4898. If you normally have small attachments you could also try setting mail.imap.mime_parts_on_demand false.
Sun Java System Messaging Server Works Based on University of Washington IMAP server
UW (University of Washington) Popular
Zimbra Works

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