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Firefox 3 allows web pages to register themselves as protocol handlers. This allows, for example, all links starting with mailto: to be sent to a webmail provider, or all links starting with webcal: to be sent to an online calendar site. The information on these registrations is kept in mimeTypes.rdf

A set of preferences exists to “seed” the list of registered content handlers. Information from these preferences is copied into mimeTypes.rdf every time the browser sees a new version of content handlers. This preference keeps track of the version.

Possible values and their effects

A string corresponding to the current version of default content handlers. If this value differs from the value embedded in mimeTypes.rdf, content handlers from the enumerated preferences gecko.handlerService.schemes.(protocol).*.name and gecko.handlerService.schemes.(protocol).*.uriTemplate are copied into that file. Default value is 0.

First checked in

2007-09-06 by Dan Mosedale

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (trunk builds after 2007-09-06)

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