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This article applies to Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey 1.x

To see if a problem is being caused by an installed extension you can temporarily remove added extensions and themes as follows:

  1. Exit Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey (and exit Quick Launch, if enabled). Make certain that no processes are still running.
  2. Find the chrome subfolder located in the Mozilla profile folder (see the linked articles for details).
  3. Rename the "chrome" folder (e.g., to "Xchrome").

Caution: There is also a "chrome" folder in the program installation directory. Do not rename it by mistake!

When you next restart the application, a new, empty "chrome" folder will be created in the profile and your previously added extensions or themes will not be used.

If it turns out that the problem was not be caused by an extension, you can restore your extensions and themes by deleting (or renaming) the new "chrome" folder (e.g., rename it "newchrome") and then renaming the original chrome folder back to "chrome".

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