Error opening nmozMapi32.dll

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If you get a "Error opening file for writing: r\n\r\nmozMapi32.dll\r\n\r\nClick Retry to try again, or\r\nCancel to stop the installation." error message when installing or upgrading Thunderbird it may be due to a webcam. Disable the webcam and try again. Most users who run into this problem use a Logitech webcam but it has also occurred with a Acer OrbiCam webcam.

A drastic alternative would be to rename the mozMAPI.dll file in the Thunderbird program directory.

If you don't have a webcam this might be due to some other software thats making Simple MAPI calls to send a message or check for new mail. Thunderbird is essentially complaining that it can't replace Mapi32.dll with another file because somebody else is using Mapi32.dll. Try closing that software or temporarily disable whatever feature is using the Mapi32.dll file.

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