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Rather than wait until a page has completely downloaded to display it to the user, Mozilla applications will periodically render what has been received to that point. Because the application must wait for a node to be completed before rendering it, very long text nodes can prevent the page from reflowing. To prevent the wait, Mozilla applications split text nodes to a length specified by this preference.

Possible values and their effects

The maximum number of bytes in a text node. (Default: 8191)


  • This preference does not exist by default.
  • Values of 8192 and higher cause massive slowdowns in rendering text-heavy pages.[1]

First checked in

2000-01-31 by Vidur Apparao

Has an effect in

  • Netscape (all versions since 6.0)
  • Mozilla Suite (all versions since M13)
  • Phoenix (all versions)
  • Firebird (all versions)
  • Firefox (all versions)
  • Minimo (all versions)
  • SeaMonkey (all versions)

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