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Up to Firefox; Mozilla Suite

The Location Bar, also known as the Address Bar, URL Bar or Awesome Bar, is a text field in the browser window where URLs (“Web addresses” such as, IP addresses, and keyword searches, are entered. In Firefox, it is at the top of the browser window to the left of the “Go” button.


Addresses typed into the Location Bar are remembered by the browser, and they appear in a drop-down list below the bar as you type. In Firefox you can disable the display of autocomplete entries, and you can fully delete autocomplete entries manually. In the Mozilla Suite, the autocomplete mechanism can be disabled completely by setting the preference browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled to false using about:config.


Text information entered in the Location Bar that doesn’t look like a URL is processed as described in Location Bar search. In Firefox, this means that you’re directed to Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” search. (More thorough searches can be performed using the Search Bar.) In the Mozilla Suite, an option to search for your entered text appears at the bottom of the autocomplete dropdown as you type in the Location Bar.

You also have the option of creating keyword searches to use custom search engines when typing in the Location Bar.

Username/password syntax

When entering HTTP and FTP URLs, you can specify the HTTP Basic Auth or FTP username and password as follows: