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Web authors who use to create new browser windows have the option of specifying whether the Location Bar is visible.

Oftentimes this obfuscates the popup’s origin. This preference determined whether to show a browsermessage information bar with the URL of the popup’s opener when the Location Bar was hidden. However, the eventual fix for the original bug used an alternate method to achieve this, and this preference was removed.

Possible values and their effects


If a new window is opened with the Location Bar hidden, display the URL of the site that opened the window in a browser information bar in the new window.


Do not display an information bar in a new window with a hidden Location Bar. (Default)

Recommended settings

  • This preference essentially presents a more user-friendly version of the “microbar” that is displayed when dom.disable_window_open_feature.location is set to true. While the information displayed by the two UI elements is different, using one or the other is probably sufficient.

First checked in

2007-06-06 by Gavin Sharp (patch by Johnathan Nightingale)

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Firefox (nightly builds from 2007-06-06 to 2007-10-19)

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